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Who We Support

Our clients are diverse, aspiriational and you!

Let's face it, applying to business school can be down right frightening, dare we say humiliating. One look at any top MBA program's "class profile" and you may think, "Why would they even bother to read my application?" That's where Bravura Prep can step in to help get you out of your own head and get you into contention to be a compelling candidate for business school. We are your application partners at every step in your journey to business school, keeping you on track, on task and on (well usually, before) the deadline.  

Bravura Prep clients have diverse backgrounds from formal corporate roles, to non-profits, to the tech space to...well, well you name it! We often say, the MBA is the perfect graduate degree for just about everyone whether you plan to stay with your current employer or make a big career switch or jump into the entrepreneurial space. In all cases, Bravura Prep is here for you and uniquely positioned to help you organize your thoughts, get those thoughts and plans into the MBA application and aim you on the path of admission. We are proud of the track record we've built of clients who have gone on to make a difference in their communities, companies and countries!

How We Add Value

Pre-Application Assistance

Assisting with school research • Selecting target school(s) • Developing a customized application timeline
Assessing strengths and weaknesses • Developing a plan to address weaknesses • Creating a unique application story

Application Preparation

Reviewing essays • Preparing for the interview • Planning school visits • Selecting references and preparing them to be positive advocates
Assisting with resume format and content • Providing feedback for the data form • Complete Application

Other Services

Assisting with final school matriculation decision • Developing wait list strategy • Determining reapplication strategy

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